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  1. REIKI- A gentle non-invasive energy healing treatment that promotes relaxation, stess releif, and well being by the laying on of hands. 60 minutes $65, 90 minutes $95
  1. AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE- Massage of the body with fragrant essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers, and fruits to enhance a feeling of well-being. 60 minutes $70, 90 minutes $100
  1. SWEDISH MASSAGE- A variety of techniques used to increase circulation and release toxins from the muscles. 60 minutes $65, 90 minutes $95
  1. DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE- A type of massage aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia using more intense pressure. 60 minutes $65, 90 minutes $95
  1. MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPY- A system of bodywork that affects the connective tissue of the body through various methods. 60 minutes $65, 90 minutes $95
  1. SPORTS MASSAGE- A form of bodywork used to prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain it in optimal condition, and to help athletes recover from workouts and injuries. 60 minutes $65, 90 minutes $95
  1. HOT STONE MASSAGE- A massage using heated stones as an extension of the arms which allows deeper work. 60 minutes $75, 90 minutes $105
  1. CHAIR MASSAGE- A short massage anywhere from 10-15 minutes done through clothing focusing on back, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. 10 minutes $10, 15 minutes $15
  1. BACK, NECK, and SHOULDER- Providing specfic relief for tight, sore, stiff muscles. 30 minutes $35
  1. GERIATRIC MASSAGE- Especially helpful for maintaining and improving overall health as we age. 60 minutes $65, 90 minutes $95



SENIOR CITIZENS GET $15 OFF ALL REGULAR PRICED SERVICES (packages and chair massage not included)

VETERANS GET $10 OFF ALL SERVICES(chair massage and packages not included)